About Us


The #1 Place for Wings in Brooklyn, New York and Beyond. Our 13 Caribbean flavors take Winglove to a whole new level!!  Each flavor vastly different from the other, these wings will take your tastebuds on an island-hopping journey of herbs and spices that will leave you wishing for MORE!
So, if you love gourmet,variety and love filled food then we suggest you try our spectrum of flavors which truly vary in heat from Meek and mild all the way to extra-double-hella-hot -craziness!


Established in 2009
FOOD: Simple food prepared fresh and fast with laser-like focus on phenomenal flavor. Super Wings NY offers a unique Caribbean experience, where the culture and ease of island-life has been translated into culinary confidence, in light and inviting island flavors showcased beautifully on our wings.

SERVICE: We promise to introduce a new standard of service excellence, with our own, island-style Super speedy service and smiles.  Our commitment to reshaping the expectations of our clients will allow all to accept only the best, when they visit our stores.

COMMUNITY: SWNY plans to repay its footprint by employing solely within the communities that our restaurants serve.  Concerned about our environmental footprint as well, we insist on using a simple plan that allows minimum waste, and only the simplest of biodegradable products and disposables will be utilized.

We have worked hard to develop a menu featuring a unique mix of Caribbean inspired wing dishes.

Meet the Business Owner: Colette B.

Let me first say that I was born into a WING LOVING family, my momma loves wings, my mommas momma loved wings, we even fought over who would get more drummettes and who more flats. Wings to us is a Super food, thus the name Super Wings. Delicious and simple you don't even need utensils to eat um, just grab and go.  As a family we travelled far and wide and wherever we went, we would find us some WINGS. Somehow though we never found a wing spot that spoke to the exotic fruits and herbs and spices of our native islands in the Caribbean.  Out of this deep passion for wings was born an idea to fashion flavors of the Caribbean into unique sauces that made people lick their lips at how tasty and authentic they were.  In 2009 we decided that this was an opportunity, An opportunity to do what we love, to showcase our Caribbean flair for flavor on WINGS!  Our wings are never frozen and our wedges are hand cut, our Sweet Potato fries are out of this world.Come on by and spice up your life.