Saturday, March 21, 2015

Most EPIC Review EVER!!

Another Super duper-Fan chomping on a picture of our delicious wings! 
UK SEE wrote...
Are you out with your friends and are looking for something delicious to munch on? Or feast on during game time? Chicken wings are the perfect dish for you. Super Wings NY has everything you are looking for in chicken wings! You especially have to try their Caribbean Wings. OneMost  bite into their fresh chicken wings will take you to the islands and make you nostalgic of how genuine Caribbean chicken wings taste like. It’s really difficult to put the experience into words. You will have to taste them for yourself to understand exactly what Super Wings NY is famous for. They understand the importance of producing good food that people can enjoy and come back to over and over again.

What makes Super Wings NY so special you ask? They have mastered the art of making perfectly juicy and scrumptious chicken wings. Over the years, Super Wings NY has made a reputation for themselves as one of the premier names when it comes to amazing chicken wings in Brooklyn. They have garnered several awards and are a renowned name worldwide for their incredible dishes. Whoever you ask in New York about the best chicken wings in town, they will surely point you towards Super Wings NY.

It’s not just their recipe that makes chicken wings at Super Wings NY special; it’s also because of the fact that they use only the freshest chicken wings from the best chicken available. This is a difficult factor to be sure of especially when eating out in NY. In order to cut cost, a lot of fast food joints and restaurants compromise on the freshness of their produce. Super Wings NY puts their customer first. They take the business of making the best chicken wings seriously. Not only that, they also aim hard to give their customers a full Caribbean island experience, from the moment that plate of chicken wings hit their tables to the very last bite.

Another thing that makes people come back to Super Wings NY is the very friendly and homey ambiance of the place. Good food is nothing if the place does not make you feel like having more. You will surely feel like you are in one of the bistros in an island in the Caribbean. It’s an ideal place to dine in with family, friends or a special someone who shares your love for the ultimate chicken wings. The laid back atmosphere is comfortable for their patrons and makes indulging in your chicken wings a whole lot of a better experience. A lot of people have raved about this, attesting that the atmosphere is definitely a plus factor.

Chicken wings that are as amazing as Super Wings NY’s are hard to resist! You have to come prepared to fully indulge and give in to the goodness of their chicken wings and remember that once you’ve had Super Wings NY there’s no way that you’d find other chicken wings good enough. What else are you waiting for get your hands on the hottest chicken wings in Brooklyn now! 

Now THAT's what we call EPIC! Thank you UK SEE, we're too pleased we made you happy!